True or False: Tom Brady sold his soul to the Devil.
Anyone who’s seen Tom Brady’s NFL Combine highlight reel can definitely make the argument that the above statement is true. The so-called Golden Boy looked like Murray Hewitt when he was running the 40-yard dash, and frankly I’ve seen better throwing arms at the beer pong table. That being said, Brady has certainly come a long way since then. From his football heroics to his supermodel girlfriend, the guy seems to have it all. But there’s one simple reason why I’m positive that the Devil statement is false: His ex-girlfriend pulled the goalie on him, and had his child after he dumped her for Giselle. I’m sorry but I just can’t see Satan allowing this to happen under his watch. Alas, Tom’s terrific success lately is just too good to be true, so I can’t help but think that he sold his soul to Bill Belichick, rather than the Devil. Although these day’s I’m starting to think that those two guys are one and the same.

Do the Chargers have any chance of upsetting the Patriots juggernaut?
As embarrassing as it is to admit as a sports writer, I kind of sort of spent my Sunday morning in bed rather than watching the Chargers’ victory. Who knew that they would play a playoff game at 10 a.m.? Certainly not this guy. However, I have seen enough of the Chargers and Patriots this season to know that no matter how good San Diego looked last Sunday, they’re not taking down the undefeated Pats. Even if the Chargers are completely healthy – a big “if” – the Pats will dispose of them like they have every other team this year. Sorry, Chargers fans, the time has come to jump off the bandwagon and return those jerseys that you clearly didn’t buy until after the Colts game.

Which story are you more sick of: Brett Favre’s storybook season or Eli Manning’s run through the playoffs?
Is it just me or does Eli Manning look like he has some sort of a learning disorder? I just can’t stand watching the guy try to slowly think his way through football games and press conferences. But as annoying as Eli is, he’s no match for Brett Favre, a surefire first ballot inductee in the Pretentious D-Bag Hall of Fame. Favre has been playing the same “woe is me” card for years, and it doesn’t help that the mainstream media eats up every word of it. He’s the worst of the worst, the superstar who incites drama just because he wants to be a topic of conversation. I can just imagine Favre, Terrell Owens, Roger Clemens, Alex Rodriguez and others like them getting together in the offseason and trying to brainstorm ways to make news. Plus I’m not buying this whole “amazing season” angle. Favre is surrounded by a plethora of talent and I’m pretty sure backup Aaron Rodgers could handle this team just as well. Look at the numbers – they don’t lie, even if Favre might the next time he steps up to the microphone and tells us that he’s considering retirement for the 17th time.