Editor, Daily Nexus,

We have enjoyed the Nexus articles written by Aria Miran (“GOLD to Undergo Upgrades” Daily Nexus, Jan. 11 and “New GOLD System to Establish Easier Class Registration,” Daily Nexus, May 11) and most recently Mana Mostatabi (“Slim Site Becomes Good as GOLD,” Daily Nexus, Nov. 19) regarding the upgrade of the GOLD system. It is very helpful for us to hear what works for our students. We appreciate that many of you have been using the feedback tool in the new version of GOLD to provide us with ideas on how to make GOLD more effective for you. When we first started this upgrade we referred to the new system as GOLD Lite because it contained only a few of the GOLD functions. Now that we have transitioned numerous other functions, including registration, into new GOLD I guess we can drop the “Lite” descriptor. We hope to continue this momentum and have all functions converted in the coming months into the new GOLD standard. I want to thank the Student Fee Advisory Committee for their support, which has allowed us to move forward with this effort much more rapidly than otherwise would have been possible. As Mostatabi suggests, students should investigate the “Academic History” functions, which provide new tools never available in the old GOLD.