Editor, Daily Nexus,

Thank you for Monday’s column (“Sasquatch Skeptics Neglect ‘Foot Facts,” Daily Nexus, Nov. 5), though I am compelled to elaborate. For your information, “Bigfoot” is alive and well and living in the mountains north of Santa Cruz – the Californian one, not the Mexican one. For more history, lore or other information – or to schedule a Bigfoot expedition – contact Mike Rugg of the Bigfoot Discovery Project in Felton, Calif. You can call (831) 335-4478, email info@bigfootdiscoveryproject.com or simply stop by the museum. It’s right off Highway 9 about six miles up from the Masonic Commune – you can’t miss it. Mike will be there.

However, steer clear of Erik Beckjord – we call him EB – for he is a no-good, half-witted pox on the cryptozoological community whose sensationalistic, self-aggrandizing and above-all unscientific “theories” only discredit Bigfooters and their efforts. His dedication to Bigfooting is questionable, considering the other “phenomena” he endorses, such as Cheshire primates and ghost photography.

Highly incensing, EB disregards the modern analysis by Dr. Jeffrey P. Meldrum – PhD and all – for the Patterson-Gimlin footage in favor of his own half-baked notions. For one, EB proposes that Bigfoot is an inter-dimensional being – i.e. it can shape-shift. While this hypothesis is indeed convenient for explaining countless sightings across the continent, it obviously cannot be demonstrated scientifically. Bottom line: Every word from EB’s mouth and/or keyboard should be distrusted. Do not hire EB to lecture your outfit on Bigfoot, cryptozoology or anything else, for he lacks the training, credibility and overall gumption you should expect from a seasoned cryptozoologist. He is probably only in this thing for the money.

Finally, William Dear’s film Harry And The Hendersons may be a wholesome movie experience for the whole family, but save for his name, “Harry” is surely not a likely representation of the real Bigfoot.