Editor, Daily Nexus,

In response to the “He Said, She Said” column last week (“Who Got the Power?”, Daily Nexus, Oct. 24) I just want to say I wish you had not emphasized the fact that men have absolute control over women in any kind of sexual encounter. I know one of the writers mentioned sex has to be a mutually interactive act, and I do appreciate that. Yet I want to encourage you and everyone else to think about the unspoken consequences of promoting men’s sole control and power over women. We live in a society in which rape is obviously prevalent, but it is also highly promoted by everyday attitudes, behaviors and beliefs. Saying certain seemingly insignificant things like men should always be in control, or calling women names for being sexually active, can have enormous consequences in the long run. I am not just saying all this because I believe in gender equality and the right to worry-free amazing sex – when did being a feminist become such an insult? I am saying this to urge you to think of all those innocent women who have been carelessly stripped of their power and capacity to say “NO.” Women CAN and should be in control of their own bodies and desires, and not have to live such a submissive life of unwanted, coercive sex.