Based out of Los Angeles, Good on Paper is a two-piece band that features singer-songwriter David Chandler on guitar and vocalist Rebecca McInnes on keyboard. According to Chandler, the band’s sound is nothing short of spastic, showcasing an evolving brand of music that is filled with plenty of pop hooks – a sound that Chandler hopes will attract a big audience when the band plays in Storke Plaza at 1 p.m. today.

While Chandler and McInnes usually create their own computer-generated beats, today they’re bringing along a drummer, with the hope of creating a fuller rock ‘n’ roll sound. Chandler’s rougher vocals blend well with McInnes’ softer, Jenny Lewis-like vocals. In all, it combines for some catchy music that is easy to listen to and perfect to cheer you up as you groggily walk out of your midterms.

Understanding that most college students are strapped for cash, Associated Students Program Board is bringing Good on Paper to you at no cost. Like those free samples at Costco, there is no reason why this talented band shouldn’t draw you in. And for those who do show up, Chandler has this to offer: pure insanity. The band prides itself on its ability to keep things unique and fresh.

“Our shows are always different, so I never really know what to expect myself,” Chandler said. “A lot of audience participation, that’s what I like.”

Good on Paper will also be playing an encore performance live in studio on KCSB’s “5…4…3…2…Fun!!” show at 11 tonight.