In dancing, the man traditionally leads. Unless of course the guy sucks at dancing in which case the girl should take charge and lead. The same can be said for sex. Probably back in the olden days, men took the lead in sex, since women were supposed to be the docile gender. And since the olden days kick ass – for more reasons than that of course… horse battles, gladiators and pirates, just to name a few things – we might as well stick with tradition.

Personally, I like to lead more than I like to follow, but I’ve been having sex with the same person for almost two years, so it’s more like synchronized swimming than anything else – except that we’re both naked… and having sex. But it is fun every now and then to take control and move my partner into different positions. If a guy knows what he is doing with his partner then he should have no problem being in control and getting her off, especially if she likes you in control.

Girls sometimes think they are in control when they are on top, but being on top does not necessarily equate to control. In fact, this is just when guys let girls think they are in control. In reality, the guy will always slightly be leading how the girl is moving because his dick is in the precarious position of feeling that it could be snapped off at any moment.

Another plus of the guy being in control: He knows what sets him off in bed, and therefore, while he’s plugging away at you from behind, tickling your ass, and he feels a sudden rush of glee, he can move you into a position that might slow that eruption down.

OK, now I’m going to go back on what I just said and give some good sex advice, because that’s what I do. Honestly, the best sex should not be something in which the guy or girl takes control – it should be a shared experience by both parties involved.

Daily Nexus columnist Alex Shlyakhov leads, follows, or gets the hell out of the way… except during sex – then he just comes.