Providing UCSB students with the option of a sober Halloween, residence halls are offering a variety of alternatives to the Isla Vista tradition with a “Monster Mash,” carnivals, pumpkin carving and costume contests.

The week of events kicks off Friday with a pumpkin patch in front of San Nicolas Residence Hall. Additionally, each of the eight halls will hold similar events featuring movies, music, food and games.

Francisco Torres North Rep-at-Large Iris Hanu said the events are more popular than many students realize and provide a fun and safe substitute for those who choose to stay away from the festivities in I.V.

“Alternative programs are important because Halloween in I.V. is so big, and we want a safe place for residents to go,” Hanu said. “If they’ve gone out, they can come back to somewhere safe or grab food before going out to not drink on an empty stomach.”

Hanu said at FT thousands of dollars were spent to make sure the activities provide a fun atmosphere for students to meet new people in a safe environment. Having worked on these events in previous years, she said she anticipates most of the FT residents will take part in and enjoy the activities.

Santa Rosa Residence Hall Resident Director Debbie Deas said while the I.V. scene is very popular, it is important to provide alternatives to those who want to celebrate in a different environment.

“People hear about Halloween and want to be part of it, but may not be into the scene in I.V.,” Deas said. “It’s important to recognize some students are going to choose different ways to spend their time that weekend and we should give them good options.”

Deas and the Santa Rosa resident assistants are planning events such as a scary movie marathon and “Monster Mash” – a night of games, music and food, in an effort to encourage students to explore different options for Halloween.

“There should be a healthy balance of both [partying and not],” Deas said. “Be smart, be safe and know your limits.”