UCSB student Eli Weiner was stabbed in the back early Sunday morning while leaving a house party on Del Playa Drive.

Deputies were walking westbound on the 6500 block of DP when they heard partygoers yelling obscenities, according to the Isla Vista Foot Patrol police report. As the officers came closer to the scene, a number of people ran away. The victim’s friends, Henry Martz and Eric Volan, were found standing on both sides of Weiner, holding him up.

Officers inspected Weiner’s back and found a stab wound approximately one to two inches in length. Weiner, a fourth-year business economics major, was transported to Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital for treatment, after he talked to officers about the incident.

According to the police report, Weiner, Martz and Volan were attempting to enter a friend’s party located at 6575 DP at around midnight when they were met with resistance at the front door.

Weiner said in the police report that the men guarding the front door “got in my buddy’s face” and told all three of them to leave.

After they turned around to leave, Volan said in the police report that Weiner “was jumped” by several people who were at the party.

Weiner said he felt somebody “punch” him in the back, but then realized his back was covered in blood. He said he did not know the assaulter.

According to witnesses, one of the men guarding the door and a possible suspect was approximately 6’2″ and 200 lbs. He was wearing a light purple shirt.

Officers have not found any suspects and the case is currently under investigation.