The bells of Storke Tower will remain out of commission until early next week following a timer malfunction that occurred Tuesday night.

During that evening, the bells rang once every second from approximately 7:50 p.m. until 8:47 p.m. Following several complaints, UCSB Facilities Management employee John Burree was sent to shut off the bells.

According to Executive Assistant of Campus Design and Facilities Wendy Meer, Facilities Management has ordered a new timer for the 61-bell carillon tower. The bells will remain off until the piece, which will likely cost under $100, arrives early next week.

“[The bells have] been shut off and will be shut off until we get the part to fix them,” Meer said. “It’s the timer that malfunctioned. As soon as we get the part, we’ll replace it.”

The 175-foot tall campanile was dedicated in 1969. Its bells weigh between 13 and 4,793 pounds. Every hour at 10 minutes to the hour, the bells, 26 of which correspond to letters of the alphabet, chime the University of California motto “Let There Be Light.” On the hour, “Westminster Quarters” chimes from the tower.