1. Lindsay Lohan allegedly left rehab on Oct. 5, moving to an outpatient program and saying she wants to avoid temptation by staying in Utah. Here’s to the streets of L.A. staying safe for another day – we’ll drink to that.

2. Get ready to rage, and pick up a copy of the newly released “28 Weeks Later.” This superb semi-zombie flick hit stores on Oct. 9, and is guaranteed to get you in the mood for Halloween.

3. Directorial genius David Cronenberg’s newest film, “Eastern Promises,” screens at 7:30 p.m. in Campbell Hall this Friday. Cronenberg and Academy-Award winning screenwriter Steve Knight will both be there, and will be answering audience questions afterwards.

4. Fine art and fine food come together with a liberal sprinkling of music, dance and drink at the Santa Barbara Festival of Art this weekend. The fest runs from Oct. 12-14 at the Santa Barbara Courthouse’s Sunken Gardens.

5. Kid Rock, Annie Lennox, Eric Clapton and Josh Groban all have new releases out this week. It’s enough to satisfy the stoned, white-trash feminist with a soft side in all of us.

6. Get your guild together. According to www.gamespot.com, former Marvel Studios Chief Avi Arad announced on Oct. 9 that he is producing a big-screen version of the popular online game EverQuest, with “300” writer Michael Gordon allegedly involved.