LOL! WTF? Yes, the Daily Nexus has a newly revamped Web site for you to meander over to in between YouTube videos about dramatic chipmunks and guys taking trashcans to the face. Now you can tell us how brilliant or stupid we are with just the click of a mouse. As part of our new approach to the World Wide Web, the Nexus has added comment boards, videos, online-only opinion columns as well as crossword and Sudoku puzzle answers.

To use our comment boards just head on over to and register using your UCSB or Umail account. So far, only UCSB staff and students can use the boards. Please note that by registering through UCSB accounts, you are not anonymous. Additionally, our comment boards are moderated by Nexus staff members, so it may take a couple of hours before your comments appear on the site.

We will not condone flame wars on the site, and for those who want a correction made to an article, you must submit your request to the editor in chief via e-mail or phone. Corrections cannot be made through the comment boards. Lastly, we may use your online comments in our print edition for a special feature called “Best of the Web,” so make sure you know what you want to say.

Another recent addition to our site is a revamped little section also known as the InterNexus. Here, readers can find weekly videos such as clips from last week’s soccer game or even submit their own videos and pictures. We are also looking for online columnists. While these positions are not paid, they are good ways to perhaps land a columnist slot in the print edition in the future.

Also under this section, the Nexus has a feature entitled, “UCSB Abroad,” in which UCSB students in foreign lands can submit journal entries and columns. Furthermore, the Nexus is looking forward to creating a section for alumni to submit content and updates.

Lastly, for those of you who hate waiting until the next day to find out the solutions to your crossword and Sudoku puzzles, the Nexus has begun posting the answers on its Web site a day in advance. Hopefully, the temptation to cheat will not destroy you, but if it does, how about sending us an online photo or column to our InterNexus section, eh?