A UCSB freshman and two family members were transported to Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital on Sunday after the they were struck by a car traveling 30 miles per hour through a downtown intersection.

The family was hit by 65-year-old Patricia Bratt’s 2004 silver Kia Optima on Sunday while crossing the intersection of Carrillo and State streets at approximately 5:11 p.m. All three pedestrians suffered major injuries and were rushed to Cottage Hospital for treatment. While the 18-year-old freshman was released from the hospital, his 54-year old mother and 14-year-old brother are still receiving treatment.

Santa Barbara City Fire Dept. Battalion Chief Chris Blair said the scene of the accident was chaotic.

“Someone reported to us that there’d been several people struck by a vehicle,” Blair said. “When we got to the scene, it was pretty crowded. There were three victims lying there, two in the crosswalk and one had hobbled over to the curb.”

The younger boy suffered both head and internal injuries, and is the only victim still in critical condition. The UCSB student was treated and released for serious internal injuries, while his mother is currently receiving treatment for serious head trauma.

Though the police report confirmed the 18-year-old victim lives in Francisco Torres and attends UCSB, officers are currently withholding his name until all other family members have received notification.

Blair said the department also came to the aid of the non-injured family members present.

“We also assisted the dad and the grandmother who were there,” Blair said. “The dad came up to me and asked where Cottage Hospital was. I asked if he was okay to drive and then escorted him to the hospital. That’s our job as firefighters.”

As for the cause of the accident, Santa Barbara Police Dept. Spokesman Lt. Paul McCaffrey said investigations are ongoing, though it appears the driver was not under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time of the crash.

“We know a car hit three pedestrians walking through a crosswalk,” McCaffrey said. “We’re still investigating the circumstances.”

According to the police report, the Kia remained on the scene following the crash and the intersection was closed for several hours while experts conducted an investigation.