Following in the footsteps of Woodstock’s Pizza and Subway, Domino’s Pizza will soon have a location on campus as restaurant owners prepare to replace the Paterno restaurant in the UCen.

According to UCen Dining Services Director Sue Hawkins, Paterno was a failing business. Domino’s beat out three other competitors for the soon-to-be empty location in the UCen after presenting a comprehensive business plan. Many Paterno customers were surprised upon hearing of the closure and voiced disappointment with the decision.

Fourth-year accounting major Ashley Rei said she was surprised by the announcement.

“I didn’t know Paterno was closing,” Rei said. “They have a good staff and they’re always friendly. It’s kind of a bummer.”

Joe Hayes, co-owner of the Domino’s in Isla Vista, said the new location in the UCen would continue to focus on the lunch crowd and would also hold extended hours during Finals and Dead Week. He said the new store could offer unique options for delivery.

“With permission from the university and Domino’s [corporation], we could offer deliveries to classrooms and residence halls by bike,” Hayes said.

Hayes said the new UCen Domino’s would employ students along with non-student employees that would work during Finals Week and holidays.

Paterno Supervisor and third-year pharmacology major James Blau said Paterno may have lost money due to the fact that it uses organic ingredients and has a somewhat concealed position in the UCen.

“It’s unfortunate that we can’t make enough money to stay open,” Blau, said. “[Patern˜] is not the most visually interesting [location] when you’re walking down the Hub.”

While Hayes said Domino’s would probably not offer organic ingredients, the chain’s pizza along with aggressive advertising should boost the new store’s image.

“We’re going to spread our logo around [to promote the location],” Hayes said.

First-year psychology major Lana Lothrop said she was displeased by the presence of a new corporate-owned restaurant on campus.

“It’s not that I don’t like Domino’s,” Lothrop said. “It’s just that it’s another huge company.”

Meanwhile, computer science graduate student Imran Patel said he did not see the need for another pizza place on campus.

“There are too many pizza places already,” Patel said. “Besides, I don’t think Domino’s would have as much variety as Patern˜.”