University of California Police Department officers are currently investigating the origins of several allegedly stolen items after various laptops and iPods were recently discovered in a UCSB student’s apartment.

UCSB student Marisabel Suarez was booked into Santa Barbara’s County Jail after the UCPD arrested her for alleged burglary and petty theft on May 24. Suarez, a fourth-year global studies and Spanish major, was initially spotted fleeing the UCSB Rec Cen with an allegedly stolen backpack. A subsequent search of Suarez’s Santa Ynez apartment uncovered the possessions of numerous other backpacks, in addition to laptops, iPods and other allegedly stolen articles.

UCPD Public Information Officer Matt Bowman said that while the property found in Suarez’ apartment matches those associated with ten other cases, officers are still investigating many of the other items located at the residence.

“We have quite a bit of additional property we recovered from her apartment and we are seeking victims of theft,” Bowman said. “We have make, model and serial numbers and if people can provide evidence of legitimate ownership we would be more than happy to return the property.”

According to Bowman, the arrest was a success for UCPD because he said the department was able to restore several reportedly missing items to the community.

“It was a really good arrest for us because any time we can hold some one accountable for their crimes it is great,” Bowman said. “But more important is being able to safeguard and return property to students, staff and faculty. I am glad we could help so many people out.”

Suarez is currently facing felony and misdemeanor charges.

At this time UCPD is still attempting to identify the owners of the recovered property in order to pursue additional charges in the case against Suarez. Students who were victims of a theft at UCSB are encouraged to report incidents to the UCSB Police Department at (805) 893-3446.