Editor, Daily Nexus,

Will Wolfslau’s review, (“Reeling Them In” Daily Nexus, May 31) begs the question of credibility in this overly critical analysis of such an innovative group of films. I was struck by the flawed facts, criticism based on misinformation, and disregard for the talented repertoire of visual expression.

The basic facts about the festival were wrongly reported. First, there are three main rules of the film festival, the one omitted being the fact that all films must be captured on 16mm film and projected from the reel – hence the name of the festival.

Wolfslau states that “Passing the Tide Away” “compensated for its painfully obtuse … visuals … with a beautiful score.” It was omitted that “Passing the Tide Away” walked away with one of the four awards of the night, The Committee Award, particularly for its beautiful aesthetic and successful technical composition. In fact, “Timon’s Friendship Adventure” was handed Best Musical Score. Thus, “Timon’s Friendship Adventure” was a film that efficiently handled the medium of film and music – the purpose of Reel Loud. This and the night’s only live action performance mid-film repute the statement of it being “predictable and unamusing.”

Let’s avoid guess-and-check reviews, and leave the criticism of these films up to the Reel Loud committee, who at least have the common knowledge that title cards are a historically important staple of many silent films.

In general, everything from using the word “reel” in an incorrect way, calling the films “wacky music video accompaniment” and specifically criticizing the award winning films of the festival discredits the merit of Wolfslau’s review. The effort and accomplishments of the filmmakers and musicians involved should not be undermined by unsound reporting. All I have to say to “Reeling Them In” is next time, keep it real!