Editor, Daily Nexus,

I was offended by Tiffany Ohara’s article about the so-called “Magic of Sex” (“Random Hookups Cheapen the Magic of Sex,” Daily Nexus, May 30). I think it is great that some people have found their soul mates and have phenomenal sex with them. Unfortunately, I have not yet been able to find someone that I truly love and don’t see a serious partner in my near future. However, I love sex.

What should I do? Remain a virgin forever? That seems extreme considering that sex and masturbation are natural human needs.

I have been with some selfish men, but I have also been with guys who cared about my needs, even if they didn’t know me well. In addition, the article makes it seem like men are the only ones with selfish motives and sexual cravings. I believe women have as many sexual urges as most men and would like to fulfill them.

It is a personal choice whether or not one chooses to have sex with multiple people. I would just appreciate if I were not judged – or felt sorry for – for being one of the people who enjoys sex, no matter who it’s with. I don’t want a serious relationship, and don’t feel like waiting around for Mr. Right in order to get Mr. O. I have high expectations for my soul mate and don’t believe that I will find him soon.

In regards to masturbation: I promise that your boyfriend won’t be able to make you orgasm if you can’t do it yourself. Plus, what if there is someone out there who is better than your college sweetheart? You shouldn’t buy a car without test-driving a few first.

Don’t worry, the article did not kill my “puffy pussy.” You may feel bad for me because I can’t get more than a hookup, but at least I don’t judge other people’s personal choices.