At a relatively brief two-hour meeting, the newly installed 2007-08 Associated Students Legislative Council passed one bill and discussed plans for next year.

During the council’s first full meeting, members approved committee appointments for next year as well as a bill to restructure the A.S. Office of the External Vice President of Local Affairs. In addition, two representatives absent at last week’s induction were sworn in.

Interim Executive Director Marilyn Dukes also held a closed session to discuss internal matters with the council. Only Leg Council members and executive officers were allowed in the room.

After the report, A.S. President Stephanie Brower made a brief comment regarding the session to the council and the audience in attendance.

“It’s going to be fine,” Brower said. “Everyone be calm.”

Meanwhile, Brower said A.S. has recently received several rooms assigned to the organization for programming purposes. Brower said A.S. will continue to search for additional locations for A.S. entities in the future.

“As the campus continues to plan, we’re going to continue to fight for space,” she said.

As for the business on the agenda, Leg Council members passed a bill reorganizing the EVPLA office and adding several new positions. Last year’s EVPLA Joel Rodriguez-Flores said the office was restructured to increase efficiency.

“Currently the position as it exists is unmanageable and has almost twice as many duties as any of the other executive offices,” Rodriguez-Flores said.

Following discussion over specific duties of the EVPLA office – including the capacity for its members to vote in other A.S. entities such as the Public Safety Committee – Off-Campus Representative Sinead Kennedy said she did not feel prepared to vote on the bill.

“I don’t feel ready to vote on this,” Kennedy said. “I think we should table this until Fall Quarter.”

However, EVPLA Lindsey Quock said it was crucial to instate the new positions in order to begin work over the summer.

“This is for the best interest of this office and A.S.,” Quock said. “I think it’s really, really important we do this now so I can start the interview process and have a full office by August or September. I want this to be a great year and it’s really going to help in the end.”

After further discussion, the bill passed with 18 in favor and 2 against.

Prior to concluding its final meeting of the quarter, the council received copies of the new A.S. periodical, The Bottom Line. The current editor, Romy Lea Frazier, said the publication’s staff will mostly likely release issues twice per week beginning next school year.