Editor, Daily Nexus,

“Much ado about nothing.” That is what I hear when all those politicians tell us to show restraint, pull down the security fence, give money to the Palestinians and do away with the checkpoints. Let them see their children killed by the nails and ball bearings packed around the bomb-belt explosives.

Now is the window of opportunity, they say, to deal with [Palestinian President Mahmoud] Abbas, the moderate Arab. But he has no power among Palestinian citizens – who voted for Hamas. Also, for years he was the number two to Arafat, the only difference being that Abbas bathed and shaved.

One has to deal with an organized group in order to reach any settlement, yet the Palestinians are gleefully killing each other in the streets of Gaza. They want no more to stop this than they want peace with Israel – or their own country! It was offered to them three times and rejected in favor of terrorist attacks. Abbas himself cancelled a visit to Gaza because of death threats made by Hamas gunmen.

Moreover, about 80 rockets were fired at the Israeli city of Sderot recently, and all during a cease-fire. Despite this, some British university lecturers want to disengage from any contact with Israeli universities. Students at American universities hold hate-fests against Israel. The Arab world is almost unanimous in its desire to eliminate Israel.

As an aside, a member of Doctors Without Borders was arrested and admitted he attempted to assassinate the Israeli prime minister. This was yet another well-meaning non-governmental organization with a secret intent to harm Israel, instead of doing the work he was supposed to be doing for the publicly funded organization.

What shall we call all this? Is it a socialist thought process that must always favor the “underdog,” or is it more accurate to say it is pure and unadulterated hatred of Israel? I think it is the latter. So will anyone do something about it? We will, eventually, and then we shall see all the world uniting to condemn us for wanting to live.

Tough luck, world! We shall live.