Your government is lying to you. Most students have probably figured this out by now, especially the 37 percent of UCSB students that admitted to smoking pot within the last quarter, according to a recent Student Health survey. Despite the fact that over 6,000 Gauchos blazed last quarter, I have yet to hear about a psycho pot smoker that has endangered our community in any way, shape or form, except maybe finishing your bag of Doritos. I can guarantee the asshole that busted your driver’s side mirror wasn’t intoxicated from smoking too much pot.

Public education has failed to teach children about enormous benefits of a society that uses cannabis. The Drug Abuse Resistance Education generation is not informed about the ancient uses of hemp food, fiber, fuel and medicine that have sustained our country during critical periods of American history. Did you know, the federal government asked farmers to cultivate “Hemp for Victory” during WWII? You may be confused because government-funded education treats hemp as a dangerous narcotic while failing to mention that George Washington used it to ease tooth pain or that George Bush, Sr.’s life was saved by a hemp parachute. While the current administration continues to declare that there is no such thing as medical marijuana, thousands of Santa Barbara Prop 215 patients testify to the contrary. Whether used by a cancer patient seeking nausea relief from chemotherapy or a stressed-out college student in need of a natural sleep aid, cannabis clearly has potential for medical value.

The current administration continues to persecute medical marijuana patients without any compassion for the effect on the community. Top U.S. officials are clearly lying to the public for personal economic gain. Unfortunately, the corporate-sponsored American government and mass media have tricked the citizens into a much more serious dilemma. It is important to expose the lies regarding marijuana. However, there are more imminent threats to alleviate. Most UCSB students probably consider the avoidance of a nuclear World War III more important than legalizing marijuana.

Albert Einstein understood the residual damage from his involvement with nuclear bombs when he said, “I know not with what weapons WWIII will be fought, but WWIV will be fought with sticks and stones.” In an attempt to sustain humanity from self-destruction, the U.S. signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty in 1970. Today, it is illegal to compete in a nuclear arms race, yet the University of California continues to research and test weapons of “even masser” destruction. Luckily, a grassroots movement is dissenting against this illicit activity, demanding the University to sever all ties with dangerous and illegal nuclear research. Unfortunately, the 41 UC protesters that have sacrificed solid food until the demands are met cannot really do too much because they just don’t have the energy. If you are against being part of a system that rules with terror and may destroy all life on the Earth, you need to do what is right.

Fortunately, you need not hunger strike to be part of this peace movement. You probably shouldn’t strive to become a coke lord like Tony Montana, but understand THE WORLD IS YOURS. Find your own way of supporting nuclear non-proliferation that you feel right with. I am supporting the hunger strikers and their movement by camping out with them and not consuming any meat or alcohol. Maybe you could do the same or something you think is more effective. If you are against nuclear war, you can stop by Cheadle Hall and show support by simply making signs or giving hugs. Or maybe you want to protest by consuming ethanol every weekend until the UC is nuclear free. Either way, please be conscious of your actions, do what is right and party for peace!