In this day and age, few things have the power to create a pop culture phenomenon like the Internet. From MySpace to YouTube, websites are quickly becoming the preferred way for up-and-coming artists to create and connect with fan bases from across the world. Artists like Mickey Avalon, Tokyo Police Club and Beck, and even politicians like Howard Dean, are well-known for using the Internet as a tool to promote themselves and build buzz for their upcoming projects.

Now, one such Internet celebrity is bringing his particularly combination of catchy Europop and savvy self-promotion straight to Storke Plaza. The aforementioned celebrity is, of course, Swedish sensation Günther. This 29-year-old YouTube sensation, whose real name is Mats Söderlund, is best-known for his 2004 hit “Ding Dong Song,” and his collaboration with British dance-pop star Samantha Fox on a cover of her 1986 hit, “Touch Me (I Want Your Body).”

According to his website,, “Günther has always been in the entertainment industry and now he feels it is time to change the attitude of the world to do something better. Günther wants to change the worlds look at the sexual way of thinking, so he have started a new trend to sexualise it more in the world. . . .The four main things in Günther’s life are Champagne, Glamour, Sex and Respect!”

With his album Pleasureman out since 2005, and now available everywhere from to the iTunes store, Günther is well on his way to accomplishing his mission. A search for Günther on brings up a myriad of music videos with titles such as “Tutti Frutti Summer Love,” “Teeny Weeny String Bikini” and, of course, the famed “Ding Dong Song.” There’s also the only slightly out-of-place “Christmas Song.” The songs may be different, but the videos are fairly consistent — almost all of them feature Günther having his way with a bevy of beautiful, barely clothed women. And, in “Christmas Song,” there’s even an adorable puppy complete with the requisite Santa hat and big, sad eyes looking on as the aforementioned bombshells share what can only be assumed to be the Christmas spirit via a very hot and heavy liplock.

The women in Günther’s videos are known as the Sunshine Girls, and although little is known about them, they are buxom backup singers straight out of the proverbial central casting. Feminists may not be thrilled at Günther’s blatant use of nearly naked nymphets to promote his plan of “sexualising” the world, but like it or not, wherever Günther goes, the Sunshine Girls follow. In fact, the bombshells — blonde, brunette and otherwise — are accompanying the Swedish songster at his UCSB appearance.

According to a video blog posted on his website, Günther is currently recording a new album, “making song with a message of love to the whole world.” In the meantime, you can see him in Storke Plaza at 9 p.m. on Friday, May 11.