As many Coachella-goers will tell you, the weekend consists of the following: unbelievable live music, stifling heat, probable drug experimentation and people. A lot of people. Even though the crowd of 200,00 has the potential to induce bouts of claustrophobia, it affords the opportunity to people-watch like nobody’s business.

From neo-hippies to scene kids to diehard Rage Against the Machine fans (mohawks, anyone?), quite an assortment of people and styles are represented. I’ve weeded out the good from the bad to give you the best of Coachella 2007 style.

Let’s start with the obvious. It’s sunny in the desert, which means you’ll be wearing your sunglasses until 7 p.m. or later, depending on how cool you think you are or how dilated your pupils look. Ray-Ban Wayfarer shades have been regaining momentum as of late, but they really made their mark at the festival, appearing on Lindsay Lohan and about 2,000 kids who looked desperately in need of a shower. The frames have a unique, retro silhouette and work well on many face shapes. If looking a little like Tom Cruise isn’t your style, they also come in a less conventional white, perfect for summer.

Footwear at things like this is always a tossup. You have your combat boot devotees, barefoot beauties and everything in between. Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Low-Tops were out in full force, with their nifty vents keeping feet cool all day. The middle school throwbacks look adorable when paired with shorts – extra credit points are awarded to those who can pull them off in a fun color.

Lightweight dresses are always in style this time of year, so if you find a good one, buy it-nothing will make you feel cuter. Vintage and thrift shop finds with short sleeves and small, detailed patterns were common. Plus, if you actually do find them in a used clothing store, they probably already smell weird, so it’s no big deal if you sweat a little, right?

For those who don’t want to worry about the dreaded up-skirt, shorts are always an option. Do-it-yourself jean cut-offs in varying lengths and washes were seen everywhere, and even though they may seem nondescript, they can still look personalized and unique, depending on how you style them. If you’re willing to go for even shorter shorts, hot pants are the answer. Kate Moss recently designed some for her new line at Topshop that sold out within hours, so it’s guaranteed that you won’t be the only one looking leggy.

Figuring out what to wear on top can sometimes be the most challenging part of putting together an outfit, but this year’s Coachella saw some very creative solutions. Even though the temperature was in the triple digits, patrons who layered appeared the most chic, and, dare I say, cool. Many combinations started off with a triangle or bandeau top bikini, topped with a loose-fitting scoop-neck tank top or two. Sleek. Simple. Stylish. If only getting dressed was this easy all of the time.

At this point, you have your shoes, shorts, shirt and shades. Many Coachellans will stop at this and call it a day, but there also exists a breed of those who have the energy to consider accessories. They are known as champs. This stuff takes devotion. Headbands have been big for a while now, but I never ceased to be amazed by the new ways people wear them. Their widths, colors, and positions differ, consequently changing the whole look of an outfit. Popular placement for thick, spandex headbands was at the hairline covering the tops of ears, while pairing two skinny headbands in the traditional style was popular as well. Put it all together and the possibilities are endless.