Editor, Daily Nexus,

While making my way to a morning accounting class, I, like many other students, noticed the large amounts of pink and yellow flyers advertising May Day festivities. The fliers advertised the day as “International Worker’s Day” and “Immigrant Rights Day.” The origins of the day aside, the way the group chose to phrase the latter irritates me more than any case of hemorrhoids. Regardless of your opinion of the illegal immigration situation, we are all served best if the debate is presented in an honest and responsible manner. Characterizing the issue as immigrant rights is a tactic used by some to avoid honest and open debate, instead opting for polemical propaganda to promote their views. Immigrants who enter this country covertly and without visas are unambiguously illegal, and must be recognized as such.

Among other actions by activists that irk me, particularly on May Day, is their sense of entitlement. Under a California law, illegal immigrants must be given free health care at emergency rooms if they cannot pay, free education at public schools and free access to our transportation infrastructure, which is paid for through state bonds. Now there are hundreds of thousands of activists demanding free access to citizenship, which is incredibly insulting to the millions of legal immigrants that spent years learning English and dealing with the red-tape machine which is our immigration process. If you want to hand out citizenship to illegal immigrants, fine, but at least have the decency to address the issue honestly.