Editor, Daily Nexus,

It boggles the mind to think of all the opinions flying around this albino raccoon (“Legendary Albino Raccoon Dies From Dog Attack,” Daily Nexus, April 16). Since all the blows are thrown upon the dog under my roof, my roommates and me, I suppose I’ll take on the responsibility of throwing the haters to the dogs – pun intended.

Mr. Spradlin (“Irresponsible Owners Need to Control Rowdy Canine,” Daily Nexus, April 18) do you really believe we send our dog out on raccoon hunts? You think we put on our flannel overcoats, grab a raccoon-scented piece of trash for Cody to catch the sent of and then shout “Sic ’em boy!” as we lead him leashless into the night? You are mistaken. The incident took place in our backyard in the middle of the night. Albie scaled a 7-foot fence to get into our private property, aiming straight for Cody’s food and possibly for our second dog, Lexie, a miniature poodle. We, the “irresponsible owners” were neither malicious nor neglectful with our pet. We were just sleeping. When Cody goes out, it’s never at night, and it’s never without one of our housemates jogging or sunbathing next to him.

Cody’s never scuffled with other dogs, cats or people. There is no reason for other pet owners or residents to feel there is a serial animal killer on the loose. If you are worried, perhaps you should steer clear of our backyard and instead worry about the speeding cars and excessive amounts of rat poison in I.V., which are much more dangerous to wildlife than Cody is.

Mr. Spradlin, the “pure human irresponsibility” lies in your inability to fully research a topic. We appreciate the discussion and believe you’re well intentioned. It’s just a shame you decided to have an opinion before you knew the story. Both of Cody’s owners are avid animal rights activists. One even volunteers at a no-kill animal shelter in Goleta.

Furthermore, we fully acknowledge the humor of our Facebook group, and we have no intention to apologize for a joke. This is Isla Vista. People throw beer bottles and jump onto dead whales in front of our homes, and you’re upset about some witty text? Perhaps we can finally drop this trivial topic and finally turn our attention to the more recent events plaguing our country as of late.