We at the Daily Nexus understand the importance of recycling. However, we would like to advise our campus’ environmental champions to hold off on the recycling at least until after students have finished reading the newspaper. After all, how can we plan our days accordingly without reading Linda C. Black’s horoscopes?

Astrological forecasts aside, when one of the Nexus’ biggest fans threw away 78 newspapers and shoved another 50 issues into his backpack yesterday, he violated the First Amendment and hindered others’ right to free speech. Regardless of whether the newspaper is free or not, by throwing away copies of the Daily Nexus, the individual prevented community members from reading local news. He also censored those who wrote in to the paper to express their opinions. True, some people need additional copies of the Nexus for when they botch a Sudoku, but hey, that’s what pencils are for.

Unfortunately, this particular act is not erasable. In fact, it is a state crime punishable by a fine of up to $250, thanks to recent legislation signed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Additionally, a subsequent theft can result in a $500 fine with a maximum jail time of 10 days. The state of California takes this matter seriously and so do we.

While the Daily Nexus staff has tried to solve the “Great Case of the Purloined Papers,” we have yet to apprehend the culprit. Sadly, no admissions of guilt were found on the recently posted confession boards around campus. Thus, any help from the UCSB community is greatly appreciated. The incident occurred at around 11 a.m. yesterday in front of Buchanan Hall. Feel free to contact us with any information you may have. To the person involved, remember this: Petty thefts are committed by petty people.