“If you’re able to tear yourself away from your bloody Facebook page for one second, your omnipotent leader has something of grave importance to say!”

No, Chancellor Henry T. Yang has not suddenly adopted a British accent – it’s television’s Stewie Griffin, who just arrived on campus ready to take over the world.

The three-foot-tall plush Stewie doll showed up at 100 college campuses nationwide last week for an advertising campaign promoting “Family Guy,” a cartoon-style television show about a nuclear family that airs on FOX.

As part of the new “Pass the Stewie” campaign, which runs until May 7, the doll-sized version of the youngest member of the Griffin family is making live appearances on college campuses to ask students to participate in a photography contest – the winner of which will ultimately see their work become part of an actual “Family Guy” episode.

Organizers for the competition are encouraging campus groups to participate in the contest, where they must take original and creative photographs around campus with the Stewie doll in each frame. After all photograph submissions have been reviewed, the funniest picture will be shown during the show’s 100th episode. The deadline for UCSB’s official submission is May 4.

Associated Students President Jared Goldschen said he was surprised when Stewie arrived at his office just before Spring Break.

“It got sent to me in a big brown box,” Goldschen said. “We were all really confused.”

He said the doll will be hanging out in the Arbor for casual photos and available to borrow for more involved setups.

According to the campaign website, each school’s president will participate in the President’s Choice Contest by selecting five photos from the entries submitted to him by eligible campus groups, then submit them to FOX for official judging.

Afterward, the pictures will be evaluated for creativity, originality, humor and photo quality by the TV show’s officials.

The president of the winning school, the editor in chief of the school’s newspaper and the photographer of the winning photograph will win a trip to Los Angeles for the 100th episode party in November.

The 100th episode, called “Believe it or not, Joe’s walking on air,” will air sometime in late May or early June of this year.

In addition, fans can upload their own photos with Stewie dolls to the contest’s website for a chance to win a “Family Guy” style sketch of themselves.

Eligibility rules and criteria are available on the competition website at www.passthestewie.com.