Associated Students Legislative Council passed one bill and one resolution during its two-hour meeting, and held a brief discussion about the “anomalies” of 9/11.

The council tabled two bills, one regarding grammatical corrections to the A.S. Legal Code and another to create a student nuclear weapons laboratory oversight committee. Council members also passed a resolution to acknowledge the Armenian Genocide and a bill to restructure the composition of the Isla Vista Tenants Union. Additionally, the council tabled a resolution to support a forum to discuss 9/11.

The council heard a student-sponsored resolution “to support an academic forum where scientific questions about the 9/11 Commission can be asked and answered.” The resolution states that “UCSB physicists, chemists and engineers are able [to] determine if said occurrence of Sept. 11, 2001 are, in fact, even possible” and urges the university to privately investigate “the many anomalies that occurred that day.”

After passing out “deception dollars,” Daniel Komins, a fourth-year psychology major and the resolution’s co-sponsor, said UCSB has a responsibility to question the 9/11 Commission.

“This is a complex issue,” Komins said. “We’re not physicists, but a lot of physicists have questioned [the events of 9/11]. I do know that UCSB is able to determine if those events could have happened – if they’re physically possible – and we have an obligation to do so.”

According to the resolution, some of the anomalies include details “about the alleged hijackers, including that they were not competent to fly the planes; their names were not on any passenger manifest; they were not subject to any autopsy; several have turned up alive and well; [and] the cell phone calls appear to have been impossible.”

However, several council members said that they would not pass the resolution without personal examination of the claims made in the document.

“I’m not a conspiracy theorist person,” University Owned Housing Rep Amanda Burlingame said. “I don’t know where this information comes from and I’m not just going to believe it because it’s on the Internet.”

After a short discussion, the council tabled the resolution for a week.

At the end of the meeting, the council passed a resolution to acknowledge the Armenian Genocide with 15 in favor and two abstaining.

“We need to act in solidarity and recognize the genocide on behalf of the UCSB community,” On-Campus Rep Meri Telayan, the author of the resolution, said.

In internal news, the council discussed the absence of Off-Campus Rep Evan Ingardia. Last quarter, Raymond Meza, a fourth-year political science major, served as proxy for Ingardia. Internal Vice President Cecilia Perez said the reason for Ingardia’s previous absence was due to his intensive academic requirements in preparation for the UCDC program.

“He had a rigorous academic course load,” Perez said.

Now, Ingardia is on the UCDC program and has been unable to find a proxy. According to the A.S. Legal Code, “one (1) and only (1) quarter shall be considered an extenuating academic circumstance,” such as studying abroad or with the UCDC program.

“He was gone all last quarter and usually if you go abroad, you get one quarter,” Off-Campus Rep Samantha Nevels said. “If he’s not going to be here all this quarter then we should replace him with the appropriate measures.”

However, instead the council voted whether to excuse his absence at yesterday’s meeting. The motion was approved with eight in favor, seven opposed and three abstaining.