Trends often take time to catch on, but this season, Hollywood glitz has made its way up the coast in the form of metallics. This might sound foreign, maybe even weird, but mark my words. This one is going to catch on like wildfire.

This year’s spring collections will change the way people look at their existing warm-weather wardrobe – and what to pick when they make their way to their shopping meccas. While many industry-types claim that everything has been done before and there is hardly any room for invention, designers like Nicolas Ghesquiere for Balenciaga and Hussein Chalayan pushed boundaries left and right, focusing their efforts on creating the most forward-thinking, space-age collections the fashion world has ever seen.

Balenciaga models strutted down the catwalk in gold-armored leggings that that resembled the legs of C-3PO, and Chalayan showed a silver dress that mechanically morphed from a short, metal bubble shape into an exaggerated A-line. These collections reflected the more futuristic side of spring, so don’t worry, there are more wearable options as well.

Metallics are not relegated to just silver and gold. In fact, some of winter’s most popular colors were made usable for spring by adding an iridescent sheen to them, like Dries van Noten’s teal metallic skirts. Also out in full force were sequins of every color, both matte and shiny, adding some delightfully unexpected detail.

As of late, designers have been thoroughly exploring the theme of urban grit and coming up with ways to make it more stylish and interesting through mediums like studding, which has had loads of success with handbags and shoes. Studding has not yet faded, as Stella McCartney and Burberry Prorsum proved with two of the most swinging and celebrated dresses of the year. McCartney’s line showcased some of the most beautiful silver metallic dresses of spring. Her talent of creating sporty but still decidedly feminine pieces absolutely carried over into this collection.

As creative as some of these concoctions are, don’t expect to see women walking down the street looking like they belong in the next “Star Wars” installment. Instead, use the ideas and make them wearable – put your own spin on it. That’s the essence of chic anyway.

Metallics made their mark in less obvious places, like the makeup and accessories departments, as well. Silver and gold eye makeup was prevalent on the runways from silver-swept lids to thin lines of gold eyeliner, providing an easy transition for the wary. It is important to remember that when doing something as severe as metallic eyes, it is best to keep the rest of the face neutral so you don’t end up looking too over-the-top.

Accessories are also a good way to transition into the trend: Everything from bags to bracelets are being offered this season in metallics, as well as less conventional accessories like the gold Dolce & Gabbana Motorola RAZR. Footwear gurus have also taken notice of the trend – several different styles come in metallics, from Nike street kicks to Christian Louboutin’s sky-high gold heels.

For those who are skeptical as to the longevity of this trend, look no further than the fall ’07 collections that debuted in February. Metallics were still out in full force, so make like Diddy and buy yourself some bling!