Spring Break is over and classes have started, but don’t fret because this quarter is going to be a great one. The weather will be beautiful, the alcohol will be plentiful and the clothing will be scarce. There are going to be fun events nearly every day this quarter.

If you are at least 21, one thing to look forward to is the 50 Club – an elite group of dedicated drinkers that consume at least one beverage every day for 50 days of Spring quarter at the Study Hall. For those of you that are rubbish at math, there are ten weeks – or about 70 days – in the quarter. This basically means you must have a drink at least five days a week to become a member of the prestigious group. If you have the will and the desire, or if you are simply an alcoholic, you will be rewarded at the end of the quarter with your name on a large plaque. Additionally, you will be invited to an open bar party at the Study Hall and receive a t-shirt.

For the Greeks, you should be excited for some of the great philanthropies this quarter: Alpha Phi’s Phi ball, Sigma Phi Epsilon’s football, Delta Gamma’s Anchor Splash, Pi Beta Phi’s bowling and the All-Sorority Volleyball Tournament. Even if you are not Greek, you can come by and watch the festivities. Most of these philanthropies have raffle tickets for sale so you can donate money to a non-profit organization and maybe even win a prize.

Another fun event that usually happens in the springtime is Floatopia. I am not exactly sure who usually organizes this event, but if no one steps up to the plate within the next few weeks I’m going to try to get one started. Floatopia usually takes place on a sunny Saturday afternoon. Thousands of UCSB students will meet at the beach near the 6500 access with floats and booze. Everyone hops on various rafts, floating trampolines, boats and platforms, and then paddles out into the ocean. When the participants have passed the waves into the calmer waters, they link together to form a huge floating party. This is definitely one of the best ways to spend a Saturday in Isla Vista.

Extravaganza also takes place in the spring. Last year, thousands of UCSB students listened to the soothing tunes of Rebelution and Pepper, and got stupid dumb and hyphy with E-40. I’m not sure who is playing, but I’d bet my left testicle that Extravaganza is going to be pretty sick again this year. I encourage you to participate in many of these fun events, but if you chose not to, there will always be the weekends at the beach.

One of the best parts about Spring Quarter is waking up at the crack of noon and heading to the beach for a day of drinking. Our typical weekends on Del Playa are like most other college students’ ideal spring breaks. You can play beer pong, do keg stands or just sip on a cold Corona – all on the beach. Bring some fun games to play while you drink, such as horseshoes, bocce ball, Frisbee or cricket. I hope everyone is excited for an amazing Spring Quarter. The best piece of advice that I can offer is this: Do not take more than 12 units – there is far too much fun to be had.