The famed Mr. Moviefone appeared on the morning show at local radio station KJEE 92.9 FM yesterday, turning heads all over downtown Santa Barbara as he ordered McDonald’s and hit on women in his trademark announcer voice.

Russ Leatherman, the founder and voice of the Moviefone service, was the featured guest of yesterday’s show. Honoring the bet he lost with morning DJs Spencer, Jenny and Adam, Mr. Moviefone agreed to appear on the show and participate in all of their antics.

For the past year, Mr. Moviefone has called into the KJEE morning show every Friday. On a show in February, Leatherman made a bet with the DJs about the outcome of the Oscars – he promised that if he lost, he would appear on the show in person.

KJEE DJ Adam said DJs won because they selected “The Departed” for Best Picture.

“The bet was to pick the Oscar winners this year,” KJEE DJ Adam said. “We won this year because we got to pick the movies first.”

Leatherman said he was happy to appear on the morning show, because he likes the modern rock music the station plays.

“I love this station,” Leatherman said. “I found it because this is the kind of music I listen to.”

Leatherman has been running the phone service, which provides callers with movie information, locations and times, for 15 years. He reaches about 15 million listeners each week with his trademark recordings and movie reviews. He has also appeared on the “Late Show with David Letterman” and “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” and had stints in episodes of “Seinfeld” and “The Simpsons.”

“I really don’t consider myself a movie critic,” Leatherman said. “I just tell people if the movie is worth their 10 bucks.”

The bet stipulated that Mr. Moviefone would do anything the DJs Spencer, Jenny and Adam told him to for the duration of the show.

First, the DJs had Leatherman participate in their weekly trivia game show. Leatherman helped a lucky caller win tickets to a Rise Against and My Chemical Romance show.

The next part of the show had Leatherman and Adam leave the studio on a series of challenges.

“Hello! This is Mr. Moviefone!” Leatherman said into the McDonald’s drive-thru speaker. “Press one to order a Sausage McMuffin!”

With KJEE DJ Adam mediating, Leatherman tackled his first challenge and ordered a McDonald’s breakfast in his signature Mr. Moviefone voice. At first, the drive-thru operator remained unresponsive. After the DJ explained the situation to the store manager, the operator began to comply.

“Ok, uh, lemme confirm your order,” the drive-thru operator said out of the crackling speaker. “You ordered one Sausage McMuffin, one coffee, and seventeen sugars?”

“Yes,” Leatherman responded amid the laughter. The McDonald’s employees were surprised when Adam and Leatherman actually purchased the food. After a few more sausage-related jokes, the KJEE sport utility vehicle sped off to the next challenge.

For the next part of the challenge, Mr. Moviefone and Adam competed to see who could pick up more women outside a Ralphs grocery store in downtown Santa Barbara. Unfortunately, the only shoppers proved to be elderly women, who appeared too terrified to respond to the overly energetic men.

“Hey lady!” Adam yelled at an elderly woman as she left a Ralphs grocery store in downtown Santa Barbara. “Whom would you rather go out on a date with?”

After being kicked out of the store after several unsuccessful attempts, Leatherman and Adam finally got one person to play along, making Moviefone the winner.

After learning that one of the KJEE interns locked the SUV’s keys inside the vehicle, Mr. Moviefone and DJ Adam had to walk back to the radio station. Fortunately, the pair made it back in time to finish up the show.