Like most good things, Spring Break is rare – it only comes once a year, and it only lasts for about a week. And, like most good things, it only gets better if you take the time to savor it. Sure, spending hours sunbathing is a great way to regain your sanity after a tough Winter Quarter, but even the laziest of loungers has to get up and do something once in a while. That’s why Artsweek has taken the time to research what’s worth leaving your lounge chair for at a few of the major Spring Break destinations UCSB students will be heading to as soon as time is called on that last exam. From art exhibits to rare film screenings, it’s all here – as long as your Spring Break plans involve spending time in sunny California. And, if they don’t, then enjoy your exotic out-of-state vacation – you lucky bastard.

Spending your break in or near the city of angels? L.A. has plenty to offer for your viewing pleasure aside from just the stereotypical beautiful beaches and buff bods. Film buffs should check out a series of some of the best indie movies ever made, as the Los Angeles County Museum of Art screens a number of movies from renowned art house distributor Janus Films. Featuring works from directorial giants like Ingmar Bergman and Fran