The man who was arrested last weekend for allegedly raping two women after injecting them with Ketamine, Steven Neff, is now being accused of a third rape.

The Santa Barbara Police Dept. reported that a third alleged victim has come forward more than four years after the reported attack, which occurred on Nov. 23, 2002. The SBPD said the woman feared her attacker so much that she moved out of the state soon after the assault occurred.

Neff, a 39-year-old Isla Vista resident, is now facing three felony counts of sexual acts and in is being held in the county jail on $500,000 bail.

The first two alleged rapes occurred 200 miles and a few months apart – the first in Mammoth Lakes involving a female skier and the second on Haskell’s Beach in Goleta involving a female jogger. At the time, police from both Mammoth Lakes and Santa Barbara County were left without much of a lead after the national DNA database found no matches.

However, last December the national DNA database informed Mammoth police detectives that the DNA found on the assaulted skier matched I.V. resident Neff’s DNA. The national DNA database obtained Neff’s DNA after Santa Barbara Sheriff’s detectives arrested him for felony burglary, forgery and identity theft in 2005.

After the Santa Barbara District Attorney’s office issued a warrant, detectives from the two law enforcement agencies arrested Neff.