We are not going to mention the history of successful action organized by former Students’ Party candidates. We are not going to talk about our participation in the strike against war, the campaign for equal treatment of Isla Vista tenants, lobbying for lower student fees, working toward free public transportation downtown for students on select weeknights or the instrumental role in securing much-needed funding that benefits every single student. In fact, we will not even mention the 26 of 31 total Associated Students legislative documents that have been authored by this year’s Students’ Party candidates advocating support for causes ranging from A.S. internal improvements to student-initiated outreach to Chillavista to law enforcement’s deprioritization of responsible cannabis use.

Even though we have afforded ourselves that shameless plug, the most important part of Students’ Party’s campaign this year is you. And we are completely serious. We have heard just about everything from the legitimate complaints of disappointed students to the inspired ideas of motivated students. It’s time to come together and elect leadership that will continue to propel our campus to succeed in campaigns of accessibility, diversity, integrity and as always, more good times.

As graduating seniors, we realize that our campus climate has changed over the last few years and that the needs of the students have changed along with it. Students’ Party is urgently seeking students who are willing to take on the responsibilities and challenges of leadership in our student government. This crucial moment in A.S. has the potential to make history, especially with the new multimillion-dollar budget and the search for a new A.S. executive director. This is your chance to get involved and make the decisions that guide the direction for the future of A.S. and the student body at large.

As stated by a former A.S. president, diversity of opinion is just as important as diversity of background, and Students’ Party aims to create an organization that accomplishes both. Students’ Party has changed the A.S. atmosphere so that anyone who is serious and interested can do his or her part to serve the campus community. A new kind of involvement has emerged out of our mission – helping busy, but concerned, citizens find their political voice.

A.S. is a hub for student organization and activity. There are so many entities within A.S. including Program Board, Isla Vista Tenants Union, the Student Commission on Racial Equality, Environmental Affairs Board, Community Affairs Board and the list goes on and on. As an elected officer, beyond being the face of A.S., your responsibilities would include presiding over the boards, committees and commissions as well as initiating your own group projects. Do you want to offer improvements to our university campus and work on issues that will make your fellow students – and students in years to come – love you? Of course you do! You could work on parking, extended services, outreach projects, diversity awareness, safety issues and anything else that comes to mind. The possibilities are endless. With interested new applicants coming in every week, the potential for A.S. in the coming years is breathtaking.

Students’ Party candidates have been blazing the campaign trail for the last three years and we want to use this momentum to attract and include all interested students. We are based on the principle that student government has a duty to all students. Therefore, the party is open to all students. We are currently recruiting students who are interested in running for all positions, executive and legislative. We will be continuing interviews for all positions this week. For more information, contact us today at studentsparty07@yahoo.com or Facebook us! We truly hope that you will consider learning more about our organization and getting motivated to get involved. See you on the campaign trail.