Associated Students Finance Board sped through its meeting yesterday, allocating $12,912.20 to seven student groups in 40 minutes.

The board fully funded every student group requesting funds, distributing its money to support sex and alcohol education events, an outreach program, a softball charity event, care packages for finals, and the installation of emergency power for a student group’s amateur radio station.

Student Health’s Sex and Relationship Interns requested $3,250 to fund entertainment and advertising for their “Sex Affair” event, as well as to purchase new sex toys and goodie bags filled with condoms, candy and informational flyers. The fair is slated for May 23-24.

Intern Kit Hansen, a second-year business economics major, said the funding would help the organization expand their annual event to cover two days.

“At the event, we have a huge tunnel of love and provide information relevant to UCSB students,” Hansen said. “It’s very expensive to do, and if we can get the funding, we’re going to make it a two-day event so we can reach more students.”

The S & R Interns were fully funded with consent.

The board also discussed a request from the Amateur Radio Club at UCSB. The club, one of UCSB’s oldest campus organizations, focuses on radio technology, competitions and disaster communications.

Steve Long, a professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, said the group requested funds to add emergency power into its station on the fifth floor of Harold Frank Hall.

“We want to install an emergency power connection to augment our work in cases of emergency,” Long said. “We want emergency preparedness since communication modes break down in a disaster.”

A.S. President and board member Jared Goldschen said he was not sure student money should be used to fund the group’s request.

“I feel this is something that should really be done by the university, not funded by students,” Goldschen said.

However, the group said they had requested money from the Environmental Health & Safety Department and the Electrical and Computer Engineering Dept., and had not been able to receive funding.

Board member Scarlet Chan said she felt it was important to fund the organization in the absence of departmental support.

“It sucks when departments don’t give money to student services that don’t fit inside the box,” Chan said. “Radio is a powerful medium and we should foster all kinds of experiences.”

After some discussion, the board decided to fully fund the group’s $2,000 request.

Additionally, the board allocated funds to the Academic Affairs Board for finals kits, the Armenian Students’ Association for event security, Beta Theta Pi for its charity softball tournament, Students Teaching Alcohol and Other Drug Responsibility for its root beer keg event, and to Zeta Phi Rho and Lambda Theta Alpha’s outreach program with little discussion.