A panel of experts will present current and future Isla Vistans with the keys to housing at a Town Hall meeting slated for this coming Monday.

“Living Strong in Isla Vista” will take place in Embarcadero Hall between 6:30 and 8 p.m. Housing experts, including representatives from Associated Students Legal Services, the Isla Vista Tenants Union, UCSB’s Community Housing Office, the Isla Vista Foot Patrol and BDC Property Management Company, will advise first-time tenants about the local rental environment.

A prize drawing will be held with free Lance Armstrong style bracelets, UCSB Bookstore gift certificates and a gift basket from the Isla Vista Co-op.

Community Housing Office manager Roane Akchurin said the panel would focus on issues that often give renters grief and will answer any questions attendees may have.

“There will be a panel to talk about tips, what to look out for and what to watch out for from each perspective: landlord, sheriff, the I.V. Foot Patrol [and] legal resources,” Akchurin said. “Our goal is to try and help folks who are moving into I.V. or are currently living there with questions about their housing, safety and security.”

UCSB/I.V. Liaison Office Director Catherine Boyer said it is imperative for prospective tenants to know their rights before moving into an apartment in I.V.

“[Each representative will] have five top tips for how to rent successfully in Isla Vista,” Boyer said. “It’s important to know your renter responsibility.”

According to Akchurin, the Community Housing Office provides tenants a free videotape service, which they can register for at the event. The service arranges a videotape of the apartment before move-in to help recover security deposits upon move-out

“[You can] sign up for us to come in and videotape your house [to avoid] deposit problems,” Akchurin said.

In addition, attendees will be informed about an online quiz on tenant responsibilities that may increase their chances of being approved for their first-choice apartments.

“[Attendees] take a quiz on the rights and responsibilities of a tenant,” Akchurin said. “If you pass it, property providers put you on top of the list of renters.”

Akchurin said she expects students who are unable to find spots in the residence halls will need to consider Isla Vista. Housing and Residential Services will inform students of their housing status this week.

“Students find out this week if they got into the residence halls” Akchurin said. “We anticipate a lot of students will need housing.”

According to Boyer, the event is also an opportunity for students who have not yet found a place to live to communicate with rental companies about vacancies.

“Yes, there is still housing in Isla Vista,” Boyer said. “It’s not too early to plan for next year. Property management will be there to talk about their own availability.”