The Associated Students Legislative Council approved one bill and two resolutions at its meeting yesterday, discussed honoraria procedures and tabled a bill to add duties for council members.

During the meeting, council members passed a bill enabling any Leggie to act as liaison for legislation written by students outside of the council, whereas previously only the second pro-tempore could do so. Members also approved a resolution advocating today’s protest at the UC Office of the President, organized by UC service workers demanding higher wages.

The council also passed a resolution asking for improvements to the technological equipment at the campus’ Digital Editing Lab. In addition, council members appointed several students to A.S. committees and discussed honoraria procedures.

However, the bill to make additions to the duties of Leg Council members garnered the most discussion, but was tabled for next week’s meeting. The bill calls for Leggies to make one public address per quarter in a local forum, like KCSB or the Daily Nexus.

“It’s fairly open,” Off-Campus Rep Matt Jackson said. “It’s just to let people and your constituents know what you’re doing.”

Some members expressed concern about adding further responsibilities to what they say is a time-consuming job.

“It’s important we speak our minds,” Rep-at-Large Sam Marks said. “I just don’t think it’s the greatest idea to put it into legislation if we haven’t been doing the things in legislation already.”

As is required for all new bills, the bill was tabled for a week.

After showing a student-directed film, the council approved a resolution to support the Digital Editing Lab, as On-Campus Rep Scarlet Chan said it has not received money or technical support from its department, Instructional Development.

“The department has been requesting forever to get more money and they haven’t been receiving it,” Chan said. “We need to bring attention to the subject matter so the students here can get better equipment.”

The lab serves film & media studies majors and any other student filmmakers.

Members approved the resolution, which demands that the DEL receive proper funding and new equipment, with no opposition.

At the end of the meeting, members discussed honoraria procedures.

Members must fill out a form detailing their completion of the activities required in the A.S. Legal Code for Leg Council. The Honoraria Committee approves the amount each member may receive, with a maximum of $400 per quarter.