The UCSB cycling squad traveled all over California to kick off its road biking season this weekend, beginning with a trip down south for the UC San Diego race.

In the UC San Diego road race, the Gauchos finished in second place overall with 86 points while Stanford took first place with a grand total of 100 points. For the men’s A division, Cal Poly took home top honors, with Jared Barrilleaux finishing first. For UCSB, two Gauchos finished in the top 10. Sophomore Nick Martinez finished seventh and sophomore Geoff Olin finished 10th. On the women’s side, Erika Graves from the Claremont Colleges finished first, with sophomore Jenny Gilman from UCSB finishing fourth.

“[The road races] go for a pretty long distance, about 20 miles,” Stein said. “It’s kind of like the Tour de France.”

After that race, the Gauchos traveled up north to participate in the Cal Poly race. In that event, all three races were held: team time trial, individual time trial and criterion

In the team time trial portion, every school fielded four riders in each team. With a total of five schools participating, the Gauchos finished in second place, behind Stanford, who finished first. In the men’s A category, the Gauchos finished in third place with a time of 26:14.5. Stanford’s team of four finished in first with a time of 25:19.7.

For the women’s A category, UCSB once again grabbed second place behind Stanford. The Gaucho team finished with a time of 31:31.8, while Stanford finished with a time of 31:00.9.

In the individual time trial, the Gauchos continued their trend of finishing in second place behind Stanford. Gaucho Theodore Ehlert finished at 12:53.3, while Stanford’s Rand Miller finished at 12:24. For the women, the Gauchos pulled a one-two punch at second and third, with Lauren Liscinski (15:59.8) and Gilman (15.32.5) finishing in their respective places.

For the criterion portion, UCSB finished in third place, behind Stanford. For the men’s side, Martinez finished in third for the A team, with Devin Flaherty of Stanford finishing in first. For the women, Liscinski finished in third place, and Alicia Mitchell finishing in fourth. Stanford’s Caitlyn McCullough finished in first to round out the scoring for Stanford.