Editor, Daily Nexus,

I want to elaborate on a subject Walid Shoebat touched upon in his talk last Wednesday. Shoebat never made any blanket statements about all Muslims or “compared the Muslim community to Nazis” (“Shoebat Paints Unflattering Picture of World’s Muslims,” Daily Nexus, Feb. 9). Shoebat said two things about Nazis in his talk: that radical fundamentalist Islamic regimes could potentially be Nazi Germanys with nuclear weapons, and that Haj Amin al-Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, had a direct role in Hitler’s final solution. The first comment is simply Shoebat’s speculation about the worst-case scenario the West could face, and certainly does not constitute a blanket condemnation of all Muslims.

The relationship between Hitler and al-Husseini is an aspect of Holocaust history that is often neglected. Al-Husseini was the leader of the Muslim community in Palestine from 1922 until 1937. In a secret meeting, he and Hitler agreed that the objective of the German armies in the Middle East would be “the destruction of the Jewish element,” and that the Mufti was to organize a secret Arab operation to support this objective.

Bartley Crum, an American lawyer who was appointed by President Truman to serve on the Anglo-American Commission of Inquiry on Palestine, wrote the following in his book Behind The Silken Curtain:

“This file [in the Allied War Crimes Commission archives] showed that he [Mufti] had climaxed a record of Fascism, anti-British intrigues and anti-Semitism by helping spearhead the extermination of European Jewry… In this the Mufti, in consideration of monies in gold paid up to that date, agreed to set up a new Pan-Islamic Empire and ‘to fight against the common enemy.’ If this was true, the Mufti had been paid by the dead hand of Hitler to carry on Hitler’s work where Hitler left off.”

Al-Husseini organized an army in the Middle East to “murder the Jews” of Palestine. Shoebat’s grandfather was an intimate associate of al-Husseini.

Shoebat is not a racist. He is simply a whistleblower who explained certain unpleasant truths to an extremely hostile audience.

Shoebat’s talk was never intended to be a fuzzy, feel-good kind of event. It was intended to reveal certain truths to students who would never otherwise see them. As Shoebat said, “it’s a dirty, ugly job, but somebody has to do it.”