Editor, Daily Nexus,

My father had the pleasure of attending UC Berkeley during the Vietnam era. His educational experience consisted of a constant exposure to droning megaphones and multi-colored fliers bearing dogma from both sides. This was all well and good, except my father was and is a Republican. At that time, his political ideals played second fiddle to getting his degree and getting the hell on with life. This mindset was never more clear when one morning he attended his Business Administration class and was informed by the instructor that “due to the current state of the Vietnam war, I can no longer in good conscience teach this class.” My father then asked him point blank if he could still, in good conscience, accept his weekly paycheck. The professor failed to answer.

The point of the story is not to encourage zombies in the same vein as Orwell’s 1984. The Iraq war has incited a lot of passions on both sides of the coin. A leader who was comfortable with exterminating thousands of Kurds, as well as keeping rape rooms, is now dead. Yet, the current administration is attempting to instill unity via democracy in a way that is failing.

So what is a student at a prestigious university to do in response to the current situation? Should we perhaps continue to read up on the issues, join political organizations on campus that cater to our personal values? Here’s a novel idea: Maybe our generation can actually grow a pair and get to the polls on voting day. According to Civicyouth.org, 45 percent of young people aged 18-24 voted in California in the 2004 election. Perhaps this year we can log off Myspace and take 20 minutes to care.

If you want an excuse to flake out of class Feb. 15, there are many to choose from. Tap a keg or two, go surfing, sleep in. But please don’t try to mask your laziness as outrage.