Editor, Daily Nexus,

I can remember the first letter to the editor I wrote to the UCSB Daily Nexus way back in November of 1993. Soon thereafter, I would be asked to submit columns, which I have happily done up to this day. Some of my views have created either favorable results or somewhat of a stir, but at least the Nexus remains the bastion of free speech it has always been and that is highly appreciated – even by a long-time Isla Vista resident like myself.

With this said, I find myself every now and then having to come to the defense of what can be considered the only daily progressive college publication in existence, the Daily Nexus. To all the Nexus haters, I only have this to say: Take it for what it is worth. It is a publication intended to express YOUR opinions and I’m glad to see some of you exercise this right. To those that do, whether I agree with you or not, I salute your efforts.

The problem some have is the fact that the ideal perfection of the ivory tower and all the political correctness that comes along with it is something the Nexus has always been against. It is funny how times change. In the 1960s, it was the conservative camp that caused problems for the Nexus. Nowadays, it is the liberal contingent having a problem with the advertising and editorial content within the Nexus’ pages. I guess freedom of speech depends on whom the speech is presented by.

Meanwhile, everybody forgets what the real problem is: The improper eviction procedure imposed on the tenants of the former Cedarwood apartment complex. Right off the bat, let’s begin with the fact that race had nothing to do with the evictions. The only color that mattered to the Conquest people was green. Procedurally, it was a mess. Legally, there was no wrongdoing.

As for the Nexus’ editorial content, let me just say that I have read the best and the worst that both sides – liberal and conservative – have to offer. The problem is that by being a predominantly liberal campus anything seen as conservative will be labeled as inappropriate and politically incorrect. Instead of freedom of speech the real fight is about inconvenient speech. Go figure.