The Associated Students Finance Board allocated $19,635.50 among nine student organizations yesterday in addition to recollecting $17,000 from the A.S. Committee on Honoraria fund.

Board members fully funded requests from the Vietnamese Student Association, Students Against Genocide, Asha-SB, the Armenian Student Association, Black Student Union and the Health Professions Association. They also partially funded requests from the Language, Interaction, and Social Organization for a conference, as well as Sigma Chi Omega and Zeta Phi Rho fraternities for their charity events.

In addition, Finance Board moved $17,000 from the A.S. Committee on Honoraria account after funding it last week with $66,000. After the meeting, A.S. Finance Board Chair Nick Szamet explained that only $49,000 was required to fully fund honoraria for the remainder of this school year.

Students Against Genocide – a newly formed coalition of student groups that promotes education about genocide – received $2,000 to host “Darfur Awareness Week,” which is slated for Feb. 12 to 15.

The group requested money to fund advertising, a traveling photography exhibit, educational materials and a guest speaker. The event will also feature a free screening of the film “Lost Boys of Sudan” with commentary by Benjamin Ajak, a Sudanese refugee.

“We want to give students an opportunity to take action, donate money, and write letters to Congress,” said Michelle Langer, a second-year global studies major and representative for the organization.

The board passed the group’s request with consent.

Board members also fully funded BSU’s $6,318 request for its Annual Outreach Program.

Brandon Penn, a third-year religious studies major and the organization’s director of community service, said the group needed funds for a Feb. 21 to 23 conference during which it will host 63 black students coming from various high schools.

“This is extremely beneficial for the students,” Penn said. “It will introduce them to educational opportunities after high school and allow unrepresented students an equal opportunity to apply for college.”

Finance Board unanimously approved the group’s request and made a one-time exception to provide full funding in order to include transportation fees. According to the A.S. Legal Code, the board can make a once-a-year exception per student group.

A.S. President Jared Goldschen, who served as a proxy at the meeting, said he thought BSU’s event should occur more frequently, rather than just once a year.

“If you’re able to do this every single quarter, I think we can fund you,” Goldschen said.