Editor, Daily Nexus,

I want to applaud Mark Sanborn for writing such a fine letter addressing the bicycling issue that exists between UCSB students and the police (“UCSB Officers Devote Far Too Much Time to Bicyclists,” Daily Nexus, Jan. 26). He is right in his assertions that police should be spending both their time and resources on matters of more pressing concern. I mean, why punish students who ride through stop signs without stopping, ride at night without lights while wearing dark clothing, ride the wrong way down the street, run red lights, ride in pairs, ride while talking on their cell phone, ride while eating, ride without a helmet, ride on busy sidewalks, ride the wrong way down the bike path and so forth? I think we should give these clever-thinking riders a pat on the back as well. Who needs a bicycle safety class? It’s already apparent they know the rules and have created their own “safe haven” for bicycle riding.

Honestly, I am proud to have been part of the UCSB community that believes bicycle safety is not synonymous with personal safety. To know that bicyclists believe they’re invincible once they start pedaling is most comforting to me. It really gives me a sense of pride and well being to know that finally, UCSB bicyclists will not be an issue for the police anymore and that we will let them have their way and own the streets. Kudos to the bicyclists who don’t want to conform to the rules and live life on the edge. We salute you.