The University of California is accepting applications until Feb. 22 for the student regent position – granted to just one UC student from all ten campuses per year.

The winning applicant – who will be personally selected by the board of regents – will attend the organization’s meetings on University policy and vote on such matters as personnel, campus development, student fees and admissions with the other regents at each of their meetings, held six times per year at various UC campuses. The duties of the student regent also include those of non-student members of the board, including overseeing the financial management of the University and appointing campus chancellors and the UC president.

The UC Board of Regents consists of 26 members; 18 are appointed by the governor for 12-year terms, 7 are ex-officio members, who serve by virtue of being hired for certain University-related jobs. One student regent is selected to serve a one-year term.

The term for the position begins July 1. However, before taking office, the chosen candidate will hold the temporary title of regent-designate – during which he may participate in board meetings, but is not permitted to vote on the board’s motions.

Current Student Regent Maria Ledesma said the position is often used to advance causes that have meaning for UC students.

“Many student regents have focused their time on the board in pursuit of important issues,” Ledesma said. “[These include] establishing a clean energy and green building policy for all new capital projects within the University and divesting holdings from companies that do business with the Sudan.”

Ledesma said her experience shed light on the inner workings of the University, and helped her fathom the extensive role the body has in governing the campuses.

“I have gained a new perspective on the multifaceted role the regents play in ensuring that the University of California remains academically competitive and financially stable,” Ledesma said.

When applying, a candidate for student regent must be an undergraduate, graduate or professional student at one of the ten University of California campuses.

UCSB applications for the position will be reviewed March 10 by the Southern Regional Nominating Commission, which is comprised of five undergraduate and five graduate UC students.

The Southern and Northern Regional Nominating Commissions will then select five semi-finalists, who will be interviewed by the University of California Student Association Board of Directors. On the basis of references submitted by the ten semifinalists, the UCSA will select three finalists. The student regent will be chosen in July after interviews are conducted in May.

Chancellor Henry T. Yang, who has worked closely with student regents during his tenure, said though the position is tough to fill, the UC student body benefits.

“It is a challenging role and a time-consuming job, but a very rewarding experience,” Yang said. “It is also a role that is vitally important to the well-being of our students and our entire university.”

Students interested in applying are encouraged to come meet the current student regent in the Graduate Students Association Lounge Feb. 13 from 3 to 4:15 p.m. Yang urged UCSB students to consider applying.

“I hope our UCSB students will consider seriously the exciting opportunity to serve as the 2008-09 student regent,” Yang said.

Students interested in the position can download an application online at Two copies must be submitted to the chancellor’s office on the fifth floor of Cheadle Hall, either in person or by mail, along with a rŽsumŽ.