This poem is in response to Courtney Stevens’ column (“Higher Education Fails to Pass Test,” Daily Nexus, Jan. 16). In her column, Ms. Stevens makes the claim that minorities dumb down the university. The thought never occurred to her that the majority of minority students on campus were probably among the top students at their school. If top minority students are not equipped to attend the university, it’s not because they lack ambition, but because of social inequalities that still exist in our society.
“Uncle Sam’s Little Blind Niece”
How many blind students are there in the UC?
Ones who can’t see that the pie hasn’t been cut even?
But that’s just what I see
Maybe I should ask Ms. Stevens
‘Cause according to her view
Her favorite Uncle Sam sliced the pie even
And her Auntie Mrs. Justice served us right
Whenever we stood up to fight for our rights
Maybe I should see it another’s way
Let me ask Lady Liberty
In truth, the Queen of the Klan has never been fair with me
If it was up to her, I’d be a slave in the field wearin’ some
Dirty drawers
Her little niece Ms. Stevens would probably applause and
Call my enslavement vocational
I’m losing my gift to rhyme so full of anger
What Uncle Sam’s niece said was a crime and in itself
Offers nothing but a way of thinking that brings back danger
Black backs beatin’ with whips at the hands of white strangers
Those who are supposed to protect and serve
Slam me to the ground
Socially blind people really get on my nerve
White cops give me the freedom that Lady Liberty served
Sliver cuffs, foot to the neck what’s next
Got me embarrassed sittin’ on the curve
Uncle Sam’s niece never asked about my G.P.A
Not even about my extracurricula’ activities
She just opened her mouth and repeated what her Uncle would have her to say
If the Universities of this socially blind nation wanted to protect higher education
They would give Uncle Sam’s family a free guide dog
‘Cause even Jesus knows it’s too late for a pair of glasses
We need to give them some help before they hurt the masses