Editor, Daily Nexus,

Emo kids are people too. This is a response to the article written by Matt Suedkamp (“A Little Bit of Technology Savvy Goes a Long Way,” Daily Nexus, Jan. 16). I only have 300 words so I will get straight to the point. You’re an idiot. Windows does video and audio editing better and faster? Trying to mimic iLife requires the user to go out and spend additional cash for mediocre software.

As for the average college student, what is one application that every student needs? Office. On a Mac there are two ways to achieve this: Office for Mac (made by Microsoft, runs just like Office for Windows), and the open source project known as OpenOffice (a fully functional, yet completely free version of Office which includes Word, Excel and PowerPoint).

Moving on. Which major corporations use Macs? BusinessWeek just ran an article just last week about how major corporations such as Google, Time Warner, CNN and even IBM are embracing the Mac platform. Why? Because it is truly easier and safer to use. Mac OS X is a modern operating system with UNIX as its core foundations, while Microsoft is still using the ancient registry and DLL foundations.

Why is Microsoft dragging its feet on such an old piece of software? Market share. Just think about it. Capitalism only works because it encourages healthy competition and innovation. What is the number one enemy of capitalism? Monopoly. No matter how bad Microsoft fanboys try to deny this fact, Microsoft has the operating system market by its balls; by having such a high market share they can give a damn about how their product runs. Apple is different. They make their own hardware to run their own software. Apple CEO Steve Jobs recently quoted the famous Alan Kay, “Those who are serious about software should make their own hardware,” and he is absolutely right. If they make both the software and the hardware that runs it, compatibility issues will be minimal. You should thoroughly do your research, wake up and wipe your eyes of the crap known as ignorance. And one more thing: Mac can actually run Windows; it’s called Boot Camp.