Editor, Daily Nexus,

It is mind-boggling that A.S. Representative Jeronimo Saldana and Council Member Raymond Meza dare to claim that the Daily Nexus perpetuates racism (“A.S. Votes to Restrict Nexus’ Assets,” Daily Nexus, Jan. 18.). They used Courtney Stevens’ opinion piece (“Liberty Belle: Higher Education Fails to Pass Test,” Daily Nexus, Jan. 16) as an example of this. However, Meza then states: “You know why they [minorities] don’t come here? They go to Stanford, they’re smarter.”

Stevens was bold enough to tackle an important subject that many people are uncomfortable to discuss primarily because they are afraid to offend hypersensitive, victimization-card players such as Saldana and Meza. While Stevens was attacked for pointing out facts using government figures in her piece, Meza made a sweeping racist generalization in response to it. So, who are the real racists?

While I do not agree with the majority of content the Daily Nexus publishes, it is still an accurate representation of the sentiment of the student body. Any attempt to stifle this sentiment is disingenuous to the purpose of higher education. Do these people really fail to recognize this?

There is a major problem in the Associated Students Council. It is obvious to me that when legislators constantly waste our money on issues such as the Cedarwood evictions – a case that was settled to the satisfaction of both parties directly involved – that personal vendettas are being brought to the table. Using the case as an excuse to cut funding to the Nexus is despicable. The current A.S. legislators are not serving the interests of the people they were elected to represent. This should be in everyone’s mind come election time.