Editor, Daily Nexus,

Members of the Associated Students Legislative Council would do well to read their own constitution and its amendments before taking the patently illegal step of trying to freeze student funds earmarked for the Daily Nexus.

The Nexus is the recipient of funds mandated by a “constitutional lock-in,” which means the only entity that can revoke the funding is the student body as a whole through the ballot box. By way of history, those of us who toiled at the Nexus in the late 1970s – long before the current crop of student “leaders” were born – took the issue of funding for the student media directly to students through what at the time was known as the “Communications Amendment.”

Thousands of signatures were gathered and students overwhelmingly voted to guarantee funding to the campus media. There was and is no exception made for cases in which the student government gets pissed off and wants to act as a censor. In fact, it was repeated attempts by Leg Council to yank the Nexus’ funding – for offenses real and imagined – that led to the constitutional lock-in.

Please understand that this has nothing to do with the righteousness of Leg Council’s position regarding the Cedarwood Apartments. It’s inspiring to note that today’s university students are willing to stand up for the rights of those in society least able to defend themselves. I urge them not to give up such fights.

But council members have many avenues available for them in this effort without resorting to the illegal infringement of a free press on campus. I would strongly urge them to reconsider their actions with regard to the Nexus’ funding, and to make a strong statement in support of a free and independent student press.