Editor, Daily Nexus

As a UCSB alumna, a journalist and a former Nexite, I was disgusted upon hearing that members of the Associated Students Legislative Council were calling for a boycott of the Daily Nexus (“A.S. Mulls Sanctioning Nexus for Housing Ad,” Daily Nexus, Jan. 11.) Given the historically contentious relationship between A.S. and the Nexus, I find it hard to believe that the leggies in question had the betterment of the community in mind. I feel it’s more likely an attempt to even some old score or, worse, yet another in a long line of attempts to take over the Nexus and impose their own brand of censorship.

It is not a newspaper’s responsibility to judge the morality of local businesses or individuals. They should accurately report the facts and let the community decide. A.S. made no claims that the Nexus failed the community in this responsibility. Further, calling for the boycott of the only means of free expression for the UCSB community is counterproductive. It does a grave disservice to the student body and surrounding community.

As far as allegations of fiscal impropriety are concerned… what a joke. With all the university oversight of the financial dealings of the student paper, I’d be amazed if the Nexus could hide any skeletons in that closet. The money the Nexus brings in from advertisements goes to pay the wages of its workers, produce the paper and pay off debts incurred while investing in the equipment and safety improvements necessary to produce a modern newspaper without the threat of burning down Storke Plaza. If this had been a university-run program, you know it would cost three times as much and the students would be paying for it.

If anything, I hope this incident will serve as a lesson to the leggies who proposed this ridiculous boycott in how not to deal with the press in future. You catch more flies with honey than with bullshit.