An undeclared UCSB sophomore recently passed away in an El Monte, Calif. hospital, after sustaining fatal injuries in a car crash.

On Dec. 28, 25-year-old Carlos Dena hit the car 19-year-old Jennifer Ho was driving as he evaded police in a highway pursuit, Dean of Students Yonnie Harris said at yesterday’s A.S. Legislative Council meeting.

Ho died in a hospital on Dec. 30. Her mother, 48-year-old Chau Ho of Rosemead, was killed upon impact during the collision.

Dena – who was allegedly driving a stolen pickup at the time of the accident – immediately fled the scene of the crash site after the impact, and hid from police in the murky water of the San Gabriel River. He was arrested later that day on suspicion of hit-and-run, grand theft auto and vehicular manslaughter.