Isla Vista residents interested in piercings, henna, body jewelry, ink-inspired paraphernalia, or perhaps just some stamps and mailing packages will jump for joy over the opening of Energy Tattoo at 955 Embarcadero Del Mar.

The tattoo and body-piercing studio has rented the spot Universal Postal Service used to occupy, and will continue a few of its services. Owner PJ Ferrante said he and his wife decided to open the tattoo parlor in I.V. because college students constitute a significant part of their business. Currently, the Ferrantes operate a tattoo parlor of the same name in downtown Santa Barbara at 33 Parker Way.

“We did a study on clients and our average customer was a 23-year-old female college student,” Ferrante said.

While its grand opening was on Monday, Ferrante said building renovations will continue until the beginning of Winter Quarter.

In addition to tattoos and piercings, customers will also be able to deliver and receive mail at the multi-use shop. Ferrante said Energy Tattoo will continue as a dropping off spot for UPS packages, as it already maintains the store on its route. Ferrante said the store might as well provide this extra service for the community.

“There are 60 to 90 personal mailboxes that we will be opening again,” Ferrante said.

The studio will also carry a selection of jewelry, after-care products, Zippos, wine and T-shirts with tattoo designs by various artists. Ferrante said the parlor’s high cleanliness standards and positive attitudes will attract I.V. residents.

“We’re not the coolest kids in the club, we’re the most real, the nicest,” Ferrante said.

Energy Tattoo will be one of two tattoo parlors in I.V., the other being Precious Slut 3 on Embarcadero Del Norte. About six months ago, Kustom Ink on Trigo Road closed its business.

When asked about the new competition, Marschall Fisher, a piercer at Precious Slut 3, said he did not know the new business had opened. He said he knows the owners of Energy Tattoo and expects the two shops will get along sharing business in I.V.

“I’ve got nothing against them,” Fisher said. “I don’t like hostility with tattoo shops.”