The Big Commitment
Lika Walker

For years now, the male half of our species has had it a little rough. They are constantly given slack by females about their ability, or should I say inability, to commit. In Isla Vista, with 20,000 hormone-driven, party crazed 20-somethings, the streets are crawling with fellas. Yet there seems to be a common misconception by the ladies that these oh-so available guys are single for a reason; they simply cannot commit. While Carrie Bradshaw and her Sex and the City column are a far cry from the life of a surfer, ironically enough, the ever-complicated notion of a relationship has many striking parallels to the sweet simplicity of surfing.

Just like with casual, no-strings-attached dating, in surfing there are those fun, no leash-wearing days. The waves, like the ladies, are easy and playful and the guys do not have to put much thought into just going along for the ride. On days like these, you can bust out the moves that you have been holding back, because right now it really will not hurt all that much if you fall. And if and when you do take a nose-dive into the big blue, it is easy to laugh it off and paddle back for a second or even third attempt.

For surfers and lovers alike, here the commitment level is minimal. These days are fun because they are simple.

Then it gets heavy. Whether the relationship takes a turn towards “serious,” or the waves are pumping three feet over-head, it becomes a “balls out” matter. The excitement level increases almost as quickly as your heart rate does. The thrill is directly proportional to the rise in risk. But you are either all the way in, or you move the hell out of the way for someone else who is. Because while it looks scary as shit, if you make that almost vertical drop it will have been worth it all.

At this point there is no room for hesitation, because careless mistakes could mean people getting hurt. It is do or die time when its pitching and over-head, and if you do not do, you die, ending up with a shattered heart – or even worse – a broken board!

You see, when it comes to commitment it really is about the risks and the rewards. One might say that a guy finds a greater stoke in charging the unrideable wave than he does in scoring the unattainable girl. Or it could be that broken bones are easier to mend than a heart that got thrown over the falls in a nasty wipe out.

Whatever the reason, if they are going to make that big of a commitment, it better damn well be worth it!

Daily Nexus Surf Columnist Lika Walker gives new meaning to the term “broken board” for those 20-something oh-so-available male residents of Isla Vista who are afraid to commit.